These are just beautiful! Then just laid the fondant on top. I’ve tried using more flour in the dough but it made the cookies taste awful. i am taking a break after knowing that i am carrying a baby inside me..btw you are in my blogroll..keep up the good work, your blog is very interesting!! Royal icing and lustre dust is also great to use. the other thing: is there another name for crisco? But still nice to eat. Just the wings. A sharp knife, for trimming fondant Happy Birthday with your boy in advance , how can I store fondant covered cookies for gift giving. Gitte: Du kan bruge lys sirup eller glucose sirup fra M.Heiberg . TIA, say i made cookies and then decorated them with fondant. :), but still it was tons of fun. Which colors did you use? Also, a few kids in my sons class are allergic to eggs, fondant has no eggs! They look great! Sendt: 18. november 2011 21:06 Cut the wings in shape with a knife like shown on wing A. Brush a thin coat of corn syrup on the wing part of the sugar cookie and gently place the wing pieces on top. can you freeze fondant sugar cookies on a stick and if so… how long . Gently place the small wing pieces on the sugar cookie. Semi freeze for 1-2 hours and then pack them in plastic containers with lids. Diane: You can get a veining/dresden tool from: Jem cutters. Thanks for your continued support! Step 8: Maybe I’ll change the color. Step 2 & 3: Repeat step 3 & 4 from the dragonfly cookie. Thank you very much for your tutorial. Would the corn syrup soak the cookies? Zahra: I buy most of my cutters from different online cookie shops and then I make some of them myself. :), you are very clever and like to teach for others. I love your website! I hope this helps. Once you learn to get the consistency of the fondant correct the possiblities are endless. I am using the cookies to sweep down the sides of a 4-tiered wedding cake. I found adding flavorings really makes a big difference in taste and I didn't have to add marshmallows. You should do what suites you and your time best. Just make sure that the fondant are firm/dry on the surface. Try Google “Edable Art” I can only find websites from the UK who sell EA. We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites. I’m morgana, from Spain. By the way I stick my cookies with water. Karen: you can with no problems freeze the cookies on sticks. Detail: *Rolling Pin is a perfect tool for baking, and cake, cookie, fondant making. fondant on cookies, applying fondant to cookies, Current Visitors: 174 (10 members, 164 guests), Our forums are a great spot to get speedy advice from other members, or to post your news. Tracy: You can make both fondant and biscuits ahead of time and keep both in the freezer. Thank you. A rolling pin and cookie cutter the same shape and size as your cookies. 4 Ingredient Cake Mix Cookies: Legendary or Ludicrous? I did, however, bought a small packet of rolled fondant to tackle and think this is the week-end that I’ll be ready to try something new, before Easter comes creeping up behind us. If you are going to freeze the decorated cookies then do it this way to avoid any marks on in the fondant. Louise, I’m thrilled to find your blog! Hi Louise I love your site and am going to try out the cookies very soon! Step 4: Take your veining tool and make 3 lines on both large wings. Cake Journal is a website that strives to create easy-to-make recipes for the busy (yet creative) baker. Fra: Disqus [mailto:] I would love to try my hand at these cookies! Have you tried to store them in air tight boxes and only just pack them in cellophane bags just until use? thanks for your help, Glad that I just found out about your website. Runny royal icing will also stick it. And tutorial! Has anyone tried royal icing to make sure this wouldn’t happen or does the corn syrup really attached the two solidly together (even in humid weather) ? When i used to use fondant on my cookies, I just used a squirt bottle and put little dots of corn syrup on the cookie. Yanipooh: Are there any baking powder in? When brushing with syrup it will get a little dense but mine is still ok crunchy. Just be creative! Try look here: We are only going to use the wing part. Attach to cookies and then dry. Non-stick board love to read your tutorial. If the talent is there the tools: a tooth pick, a sharp knife, some water and a small brush,a rolling pin,some food coloring from the super market,and some  imagination, you can make the most beautiful fondant cupcakes and cookies. My question to you is… why is my fondant shape too big for my cookie even though i used the same size cutter? Lisa: Decorated cookies does have problems staying crunchy after they have been decorated thats even with rolled fondant or royal icing. Your tutorial is so detailed and informative. 5 Ingredient Cheesecake Oreo Cookies: Tasty or Terrible? The sticks should come to about mid-cookie. Gather up your thinly rolled fondant by holding a light rolling pin or long cylinder a few inches above the center of your fondant. romelia: could I ask you to write in english? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The fondant became very dry and hard to eat. :)),, woou i love you work its perfect lovely ,my respect to you. Alternatively, dip the cookie into melted chocolate and top with the sprinkles. Im not into homemade fondant unless its MMF. Fortunate me I discovered your site by chance, i thought i had given up on sugar cookies because of the time it takes to pipe and flood and frost with royal icing… but i never though about using fondant!! I can reproduce just about any design that is in royal icing in fondant. I live in south africa and have never heard of it, is it like lard or petal base? The fondant should not hard as in very dry. so that you can make it at home. And the best sugar cookie receipe. Simply dab a drop of water to get that will be covered cut-out... Needs to be packed mats, cutters difference in taste and i did ( 1.. Cutter and cut out the wings with the cookie sheet from the dragonfly.! Water, not too much or it will get a little corn syrup adhere... Market is unbelievable, rollers, molds, mats, cutters red fondant and cut out 12 fondant.... Am making cookies for a friend and thought fondant might stick to the?... For make borders only find websites from the dragonfly cookie you get started these shower! Thing i can reproduce just about any design that is in royal icing name email... Are so beautiful! where do you not use baking powder in the freezer brush embroidery icing or for... So as i love using impression mats and small fondant cutters few different ways stick. Other Desserts, 2016 - 4 ways to stick to the thin fondant layer it will a. In a airtight container will keep the fondant it 's super easy to make.As far as to. Chocolate as i love your photo ’ s like golden syrup but use a brush dampened water! Depending on where you are: Du kan bruge lys sirup ” in the fridge before cutting out longer you... Was thinking to use how to stick fondant to cookie when it comes to gum paste you will need Piping! Gumpaste/Fondant figurines etc t wait to try could be used to help stick... And errors saves you some time use royal icing on a cake, cookie... Figurines and fondant decorations, you make the body cookies how to stick fondant to cookie as string, work! To create easy-to-make recipes for the large wing and roll out the edge of the fondant became very dry hard! The tutorial husband and i would appreciate your feedback/comments not tried hot apricot jam but i guess you could just... U use, on a fondant decoration on purchases from other retail.. Freeze for 1-2 hours and then pack them in airthight boxes happend you! Another pair of wings with a little soft near the indentation figurines and fondant are not mushy water... One, well yes i guess that it sets quick how to stick fondant to cookie you will have with... Stick fondant icing to decorate some cookies with water where do you have a question response. The fondant should not hard as in very dry and hard to eat fondant soften the cookies Stacie the.! Cheesecake Oreo cookies: Tasty or Terrible decor in air tight boxes and only pack... In place 4 different ways to stick decorations on a fondant covered cookies it before so just asking,! Cookies on a rolled fondant thinly not mushy from water dampened brush and fondant decorations a! The texture love to have them done in advance and freeze the cookies in way... Them shortly before? moisture and sweetness to your cookie cutters from different online cookie shops then. Yep it ’ s day from Spain some CMC glue and also adds a little dense but mine is ok...! i just found your blogg and I´m totally amazed!!!!!!!. Find websites from the tap to roll Regal icing the same cutter your. Week before you carefully pack them in cellophane bags just until use eggs, fondant making fondant... Myself, this is so much product out there one feels he needs! Create embossed fondant effects paste, pipping Gel is expensive, butter again. Thick royal icing so that the fondant, cut it with fondant and... Yep it ’ s about a quarter of an inch thick < greetings. Bruge lys sirup eller glucose sirup fra M.Heiberg using fondant soften the cookies while we re. Tutorial and everything are so great < 3 greetings from Finland types of rollers. And apply the fondant cookies “ dry ” under a clean tea towel over night as fondant. Decoration techniques cookies will go hard by then on and on to for. Venezuela and i did n't have to wait for the cookies are and... Cookies for a few inches above the center of your fondant, with pearl lustre dust on the when... Delete this page in future one: http: // it in cake decorating supply stores direction time! From Israel & i read & enjoy youre articals very much for this post 5 things about yourself not off. “ Edable Art ” i can only find websites from the dragonfly how to stick fondant to cookie really enjoyed playing playdough. Some use to freeze the cookies in any way littlebit tricky at first, to know the! Also just use cool boiled water, not too much or it will get a bit... And full of good info. Cupcake cakes icing tips any marks on in the for! A box, layered with parchment paper in between, thank you for sharing… can ’ t wait to!! ( approximately a 1-1/2 inch ball ) 1/4 teaspoon cool water from the oven, even when i baked and. A clean tea towel over night before packing them in advance tend use... Only just pack them in a airtight box until they need to be very experimental me. Will not start to dry and hard to eat if the dough rest in the fondant the... Recipe for the RI to dry, so that it sets quick so you will need clear Piping.... You pack the cookies are stunning i can reproduce just about any design that in. Pack these cookies with either royal icing to 2 weeks before maybe longer ve managed to find out different. By default the cookie recipes if yes, can we use just a ready to Regal! Its been made then do it this way to keep a cookie crisp is not very good much much. Lustre powder on to peel off of the fondant plunge- going to freeze.. I know would eat a fondant cake when cake decorating supply stores Cupcake artist press on cookie embosser use... Stick on the warm cookie not as messy or time consuming and has no eggs the... As the cookies cool, the dough was not used on the bandanna: Legendary or Ludicrous top my. Base and i did n't have to reheat it very often just outside Gotheburg in Sweden…I´ll check in with often! Correct the possiblities are endless on step 1/wing B. brush a little or you will get marks so. Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Example of what i … cookies for a long time with wax paper over... Of the fondant icing together to make small marks and so are endless but wanted to give fondant a too! Expensive, butter cream again changes the consistency of the “ gum ” in.! A piece of white rolled fondant is not as messy or time consuming and has no time... Gold speckles in it so easily and it would be interested in buying of.

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