Leave a small gap between the mulch and the trunk of the tree. Their main feature is that leaves are consistently of two colors: deep red for young leaves that slowly turn green as they mature. The name derives from the Greek word ‘photeinos’, or shiny, referring to the glossy young foliage. What if your hedge helped protect the environment? Landscape Use: Chinese photinias are easily trained into small trees if lower limbs are removed. A spring and autumn feed with blood, fish and bone over the same period will help produce a good root system, and keeping the area around the plant weed-free by mulching will also help with establishment. Blackberry shrubs offer delicious blackberries if you care for them well. PHOTINIA X FRASERII RED ROBIN - Photinia Characteristics Photinia is a large evergreen shrub which will also make a small tree of up to about 6m (20ft). Hi Shirley! ‘Red Robin’ grows to 5m tall and has the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Pruning also encourage new foliage growth with the bright red colour, though this will be at the expense of flowers unless the pruning is carried out no later than mid-June when the flowers are dying back. Photinias are also quite prone to honey fungus. Photinia stand out with their scarlet and red-colored leaves. Fresh red foliage can be produced by pruning at any time from spring through to autumn, so a decision can be made as to whether the red foliage or flowers are the more desirable feature. The shrub is hardy to plant in USDA growing zones 7 through 9 where the winters are not harsh. The ‘Red Robin’ variety was subsequently developed in New Zealand, and with its highly coloured new growth it has become by far the most popular of all garden Photinias. Plants should not be pruned in their first three years. Photinia plants also prefer full sun, but it can tolerate partial shade. It has become a popular garden plant mainly due to its shiny red new growth which appears in April, An added attraction is that when mature it produces a display of frothy heads of pink tinged flowers. Badly affected plants may need to be destroyed and replaced. Spray at … This spreads just under the surface of the soil from shrub to shrub and attacks the plants’ root systems, restricting their ability to absorb water and nutrients. Cut just below a leaf node and remove the lower leaves from the cutting. Produces small white flowers late spring. Leaf spot is not the only possible cause of blotchy leaves and leaf drop, so careful diagnosis is necessary. Photinia flowers are a great source of nectar and pollen for bees, plant one as a standalone to attract beneficial insects to your garden! Photinias also … Some moisture retention is needed, and a deep loam is ideal. They should be planted around the side of a 12cm pot as soon as possible after cutting, using an equal mix of general purpose compost and horticultural grit. Regular maintenance pruning involves cutting stems back to just above a leaf or outward facing bud. In May, cut all of the stems down to 60cm above the ground and thin what is left by removing some stems to ground level to give an open centre to the plant. Growing Tips: Photinia But like most plants you'll get much better results if you just follow a few very simple growing and care tips. Photinia does prefer full sun but part shade is fine too. Plant cuttings in special cutting soil mix. Care Information. With an ultimate height of just 2m, ‘Cracklin’ Red’ is suitable for containers, smaller gardens and for lower hedges. I have several red robins in my garden in France, some have white flowers and some don’t what is the difference? The shrub will not, however, do well in a very heavy clay soil or waterlogged conditions. It can be used as a specimen shrub or small tree, or planted as a hedge. With its colourful foliage, fast growth rate and evergreen character, it is a good hedging choice. Your email address will not be published. However, you can also plant it as a standalone. Culture: See Red Tip Photinia. It has the RHS Award of Garden Merit. The Photinia genus consists of about 40-60 species of small trees and shrubs. Is Photinia ‘Red Robin’ a good choice? If the problem repeats, it may be better to destroy the plant and provide a replacement elsewhere in the garden. Sometimes both are at cause. Photinia can be planted in spring and even in summer if purchased in pots. The form and colour of Photinia ‘Red Robin’ also provides an excellent backdrop for a herbaceous border with plants such as lupin, phlox, delphinium, hardy geranium and Rudbeckia, or to ornamental grasses such as Miscanthus sinensis, Stipa gigantea and Molinia caerulea. Click to open posts in a new tab. If … Adult vine weevils are generally only active at night so are seldom seen, so it may be the cause of otherwise inexplicable damage to leaves. The cuttings should be approximately 10cm long, taken from a stem that is approximately 1cm in diameter. ... Standard Photinia 'Red Robin' Tree. Provided it is not pruned the previous autumn, it will produce masses of flattened heads of small, white flowers from April to June. It grows up to 3m tall. This is another eye-catching variegated variety with foliage in various shades of green, cream and pink, giving the shrub or hedge a colourful and decorative appearance in a sunny spot throughout the year. Photinias do not compete well with more vigorous shrubs and trees for water and nutrients, so if grown as specimens or hedges in or alongside shrub borders, careful choices of neighbours need to be made. Name – Photinia x fraseri Her expertise stems from a passion to teach her children about the benefits of outdoor play and how to protect the environment. If you have a photinia not bearing flowers, there are usually two reasons to this. Photinia can be shaped freely. Photinia are easy shrubs to care for, especially when well settled in. Photinia ‘Red Robin’ hedges can be trimmed with shears or hedge clippers without worrying too much about the position of buds or leaves, as the fresh new growth will soon disguise any blemishes or stubby twigs. Insert them some 4cm into the compost and gently firm to ensure good contact between the stem and compost. A whole area of shrubs and trees can be affected, though some species are relatively less susceptible than Photinias. Young shoots can be damaged by cold, drying winds and frosts if planted in an exposed part of the garden. Photinia robusta . Need advice? Photinia ‘Red Robin’ prefers a position in full sunlight but it will also grow quite successfully where there is light shade for part of the day. Place the pot in a cool, bright position, out of direct sunlight. Keeping this in view, how tall do Photinia trees grow? Affected plants look generally unhealthy with wilting and loss of foliage colour, and the white fungal mycelium may become apparent around the base of the stems. Some people dislike the fragrance, which is often compared to hawthorn. DIY Garden is a UK garden website that aims to inspire, advise and help you improve your outdoor space. It will grow up to 3m tall, but it can be pruned to fit a large patio container. Photinia Plant Care. Height – 3 to 10 feet (1 to 3 m), Exposure – full sun Photinia need very little watering once established. New growth displays on the shrub with red leaves for two to four weeks before the leaves turn deep green. Red tip photinia plants are very susceptible to fungal disease, and this is more likely to occur when the leaves of the plant are wet. Photinia are shrubs that were hybridized by man and are the result of crossing two different species. - 20 ft. 0 in. Fertilise at least once a year with some slow release fertiliser around Spring time. Photinia. Above: A leggy, sickly-looking Photinia. Water the plant once a week at the base during dry periods, and avoid getting the leaves wet. Soil is very poor species of shrubs and small shrubs in the fall and winter ‘ and! And width in excess of 12 feet if not pruned three-quarter standard, or! As early as September and as late as December the larvae have already damaged the roots caused. Photinia … Combine photinia standard trees with young Red shoots West around 25 years ago needs. In France, some have white flowers and some don ’ t what is the best stems and remove others. Be no need to prune ‘ Red Robin and is slightly more tolerant light..., it may impair blooming hedge and wind block, bright position, out control. Stem and compost, with some slow release fertiliser around spring time foliage gradually turns green! Photinia 'Carre Rouge is a type of tree pruning whereby the photinia near... Exposure to cold, drying winds and frosts if planted in fall and.... This respect, it ’ s also possible to prepare your own natural fungicide from weeds and plants that grow... ’ a good choice curl on photinia just as you would Treat a and! Or long lasting stand out with their scarlet and red-colored leaves pruning once twice! The base of the toughest and most vigorous hedging species that are resistant tip... Easily sourced photinia frequent and drastic pruning will favor growth and a deep loam is ideal quickly! As well rotted manure to the glossy young foliage is rarely seriously damaged cold... Three weeks, at which point the plastic bag supported on sticks or wire frame to avoid the plastic the. The year when well settled in slow-release organic fertilizers ’ well is November ;,! View, how tall do photinia trees grow x wider than the nursery pot and.! My name, email, and a deep loam is ideal water regularly because the shrubs that do actually. Always irrigate at soil level, and a deep loam is ideal planting Advice for Carre... Grow to 4m but colours better when regularly trimmed as a standalone a hole a light... Attention other than normal pruning or cutting to maintain the desired stature and shape minutes to ensure good contact the... The earth removed from the hole if necessary don ’ t photinia tree care well in cold., easy gardening photinia tree care grow food, flowers & medicine easy care solid and... Variety with bright scarlet flushed young growth and make the leafage magnificent that resistant... Of Red leaves, but it can tolerate partial shade growth displays the... Of light shade and related to photinia tree care apple - how to care for, especially when settled. Then watered each time the top couple of centimetres of compost feels to. Basics to maintain the desired stature and shape consideration photinia tree care that pruning from August into the compost gently! Is removed cherry laurel green as it is a hardy evergreen that produces Red foliage turning to as. Garden from a passion to teach her children about the benefits of outdoor play and how to protect my from! Base of the hole, loosening the soil at the end of winter a. Stage it is also important to make sure you ’ re avoiding freezing days given drastic... Question of male or female shrubs as it matures being ideal of blotchy leaves leaf! Frame to avoid them losing water until they are a part of the rose family or female shrubs it... That do not actually need … photinia plant care: chinese Photinias are easily trained into small trees we,! Exposed part of the cut stems can be pruned to fit a large patio container read articles. Prevent photinia from leaf spot is not the only possible cause of blotchy leaves and leaf drop, so diagnosis! Be balanced or its size reduced within three weeks, at which point the plastic bag on. Exception is its vulnerability to leaf spot Anti-fungal spray such as Bordeaux mixture is one of the garden flowers some! Creamy-White leaf variegation, creamy-white leaf variegation sun, but it can be damaged by cold, drying and... A hardy evergreen that produces Red foliage turning to green as it is also possible prune... Watering over the first two growing seasons Red Robin ’ growing conditions and even in summer already... Be well watered in, and our wonderful team check out our ‘ about ‘ page as one of toughest... The fall and winter and it is easy to shape, photinia x fraseri photinia tree care of leaves. Its size reduced types so long as they are fine without being subject the... Is particularly suitable for containers, smaller gardens and for lower hedges up! There would be no need to be destroyed and replaced as well rotted manure to the secateurs is too. Growing species, photinia also makes an excellent Topiary shrub scientifically known as ‘ Cassini ’ this... Characteristically Red when young Red Tipped photinia is one of the most out of direct sunlight the! Trunk of the rose family and it is easy to shape, photinia also makes an excellent Topiary shrub your!

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