About AeroInformal



AeroInformal was founded to meet the needs of the growing Informal Aerospace sector. Informal aerospace refers to the nontraditional applications of the aviation industry. Unmanned aviation systems are being utilized in a growing number of industries. Achieving the benefits of unmanned systems (increased efficiency, reduced overhead, and improved business forecasting) can be challenging. Import and export regulation and airspace compliance can shrink the achieved value of an unmanned program. AeroInformal was founded to help businesses navigate this complex space and build a plan to maximize value.

Bryan da Frota is an expert in the application of unmanned systems. He has successfully exported unmanned air systems  around the world and is a subject matter expert in this complex regulatory environment. A pioneer of the unmanned aviation industry, Bryan’s company was one of the first to recognize the need to transition from the military market to the greater commercial sector. Bryan has advised the integration of unmanned systems into agricultural, mining, power inspection, materials inspection, wildlife management and other commercial applications.

Bryan da Frota has built a network of UAV experts that are positioned to make your program a success and connect it with your overall business strategy.



Starting a UAV program, the right way is critical to success. Unfortunately, the path isn’t linear, but fortunately we have down it multiple times. Come learn from us as to what makes a good program. As an entrepreneur, Bryan da Frota, knows that the key to developing a successful program is creating the correct balance of a “right sized” strategy, good platform, and the support infrastructure to ensure operational success. Often times these new programs will contain products/services that augment or replace existing product/services or produce new services. Having successfully brought multiple products and services to market, we can take a wholistic view of your organization and ensure that you approach is the right one.




As an entrepreneur, Bryan founded a small business that grew to become a venture-capital backed company. With over 15 years in the unmanned systems industry, Bryan was an early pioneer in the space – releasing the Maveric UAS in 2008 as one of the first unmanned systems to autonomously avoid obstacles. Having exported products to Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, Bryan has a deep understanding of unmanned systems and the import and export laws that control their market availability. When the Federal Aviation Authority opened up airspace to unmanned systems, his company was one of the first to receive a 333 exemption, allowing for commercial flight outside of  exemptions. Bryan continues his work in the unmanned aviation space, leading AeroInformal and participating in panels and committees on the topics of airspace, export law, and unmanned systems applications. In addition to his work in the UAS industry, Bryan serves as Principal and Operating Partner of Broadtree Partners, a lower middle-market private equity fund.